Xanadu: the Musical


Went to see Xanadu: the Musical with Ted Nelson, his partner Marlene and Andrew Pam (Nelson’s friend and longtime collaborator) last night. The performance was about a greek muse called Kira who inspires a young man to build an 80′s themed rollerskating rink that “contains all the arts”. This big disco skatepark would house singing, dancing, music and all the “inspiration that left the arts in the 80′s”. The big business bloke who is meant to fund the skating rink hesitates though as it wouldn’t make money. Then Kira the Greek muse appears and he decides to realise the dream. It’s like they wrote this play specifically for Nelson – it even had a recitation of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan at the end. I think Nelson got a bit teary at the end but it could have just been the light.