Web 2.0 Studies – Critical Internet Theory

The School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne is seeking applications from researchers who wish to take part in a two day methodologies workshop with Professor Geert Lovink (Director, Institute of Network Culture, Amsterdam). Participation is free but places are limited and will be restricted to participants who are engaged in research relating to the theme of Web 2.0 studies and critical Internet theory. More info can be found here. Applications close 21st of November. Swinburne media postgrads are encouraged to apply!

A course on mobile media?

I’m starting to think about writing a course on mobile content – I think it would involve part theory, part practice. I might model it after the Network Literacies subject. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone else who currently offers a course like this, how you have set it up, was it successful, did students get into it etc.

Here are some ideas/questions I’ve started with: How does mobile telephony change our social lives and organisations, our sense of self and identity? How does it change our notion of presence and absence? Maybe a history of mobility in general too – from radios and Walkmans to mobile phones. Alongside this, I’m thinking students could be introduced to the basics of WAP. Perhaps learn practical skills in creating a mobile website and content for mobile devices, the issues and limitations of the medium.