Lecture series by Ted Nelson (updated)

Are you a Dummy, naive and gullible?
If so, there are thousands of books for
the likes of you.  Go elsewhere, and
drink in the lies called “computer basics”.

But if you are a clever and sophisticated
person who wants to know the real story
of how the computer world works, you
may enjoy some of the insights I present
in this brief series.

• Computers for Cynics 0  - The Myth of Technology

• Computers for Cynics 1 – The Nightmare of Files and Directories

• Computers for Cynics 2 – It All Went Wrong at Xerox PARC

• Computers for Cynics 3 – The Database Mess

• Computers for Cynics 4 – The Dance of Apple and Microsoft

• Computers for Cynics 5 – Hyperhistory

• Computers for Cynics 6 – The Real Story of the World Wide Web

• Computers for Cynics N – CLOSURE: Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain


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